Zario Travezz and Jackson Reed

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Description: Zario Travezz and Jackson Reed are finishing up their interview laying on the bed. Both hot studs are dressed only in their underwear. Zario has on a pair of underwear made out of mesh and his huge, thick cock is already straining to get out. Jackson leans over, frees Zario’s dick and swallows it whole. While Jackson is worshiping Zario’s cock, Zario slides his hand down Jackson’s underwear and begins probing Jackson’s hole with his fingers. They are soon kneeling on the bed kissing and stripping off their underwear. Jackson bends over, offers his ass to Zario and Zario dives in, tongue first. He drives his tongue as deep into Jackson’s ass as he can, priming his hole with his saliva. Zario points his cock at Jackson’s ass and slowly pushes it into his tight hole. Jackson starts slowly gyrating, pushing against Zario’s cock and before long Zario is pounding mercilessly at Jackson’s ass. Never losing his erection, Jackson straddles Zario, sits down on his cock and begins riding it like he’s riding a horse. Flipping Jackson over on his back and with heels in the air, Zario drives his cock home one more time. He thrusts hard into Jackson and Jackson moans with every push. Jackson’s working his cock hard and fast, his balls have almost disappeared inside him. Zario is close to cumming and Jackson wants his load. He lies on the bed just as Zario squirts a thick load of cum all over Jackson’s face and mouth. Jackson starts licking the jizz off of Zario’s cock and he immediately loses it. He blows his load all over himself as the two passionately kiss.