DeAngelo Jackson + Trex

Duration: 26:37 Views: 29 578 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: DeAngelo Jackson and Trex meet up in Orlando after a hot as party that was going on that weekend. I thought I would introduce one of my guys Trex to DeAngelo. They sat and talked for a little bit. I did what I could to get them acquainted with each other. Sometimes it takes a little more than just conversation for someone to get to know you. So I thought I would put their other communicative skills to the test. Seems like that works better than the talking did. Trex gotta big ass dick too, little homie was holdin back a lil before the conversation went down. Too bad you wont see it in action except for being worked while DeAngelo is fucking the hell out of him. These two hot boys got down and freaky like it was last time that they would have a chance to work together. I thought I was going to run out of tape for a minute because the scene was so damn hot I did not want to stop filming, fuck. But anyway, check it out.