HomoEmo - Romantic Boys Fuck Beside The Fire - Alex Andrews, Micahan Drews

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Description: Micah and Alex are a gorgeous couple, they look perfect together and you imagine they have great sex. Well, you don't need to imagine, because you get to see exactly what it's like when these boys get their dicks out for some horny fun! As the fire crackles behind them the boys swap their delicious tools and slurp each other, then enjoy some tight little butt hole rimming before Alex plunges his cock into his lover and fucks him deep. Micah takes it standing, doggy and on his back before he finally spurts his cum out with his lover sliding in and out of his hole. Alex loves the sight of cum pumping from a great dick, he's soon pulling out and adding his own splashing load, giving Micah plenty of cream to taste!
Models: Alex Andrews