Boynapped - Hung New Arrival Mason Gets Stroked

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Description: Mason can be a handsome and horny young man and although it's his first time being manhandled by an expert like ace Sebastian he's got a look of steely determination on his face and he appears to get ready. That determined appearance is soon obscured by the blind fold as the master chooses charge, securing the ropes ensuring that the suspended son is tied into place as his long haired cock is stroked and played. His unbelievable dick is so on throbbing, thick and long, a monolith of flesh ready to be enjoyed. With the added hassle of this cane slapping his shaft, then his balls and his tummy the boy is put into his place, however it is the linking of his nuts along with the Colombian stroking his unbelievable cock which makes him fill, together with the temptations of his hot semen reshaping the deal. Will he return to endure more punishment? The master is sure of it.
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