Big Feet - Connor Halsted and Spencer Laval

Duration: 33:32 Views: 662 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: As Connor Halsted provides Spencer Laval a foot rub, the two of them begin to entertain similar notions. Spencer wonders when Connor's talents for touch use to other areas of the human body, and Connor wonders if it is true what they say about men with big feet. If Spencer's half as big as Connor imagines, it will be worth the effort of making a pass. He rubs his bundle gently and reaches the bulge in Spencer's trousers. Spencer does not jump back, which tells Connor what he needs to know to go further. He tells Spencer to let him focus on the region which has the most tension, and Spencer determines Connor knows what he is doing, so he consents. Connor instantly shows Spencer what a smart decision it had been, as he strikes his way to Spencer's dick, pulling it out and downing it in one swallow. Spencer hasn't had his entire cock consumed by some woman, much less needed them go with the intensity that Connor sucks on his prick. He also gags on it needs it badly, therefore Spencer tells him to climb on top and then give it a twist. Connor inches himself down Spencer's massive hard dick, finally making his way to the bottom, until Spencer catches him from the waist and starts to fuck him harder. Pounding his hole repeatedly, Spencer watches Connor's ass bounce on his cock up and down, before deciding to flip him over onto his knees. Spencer bends him over and fucks his face into the side of the couch, long dicking him behind as Connor moans and begs for more. He's ready to cum, so he moves over on his back and tells Spencer on to fuck him as he bends his nut all over his belly. Spencer sees him cum and leans into him ever faster, pulling out and poking over Connor's face. He also unloads a giant, cluttered facial that Connor happily swallows. Big feet, big dick, big load.Enjoy!