BrokeStraightBoys - Brad Moans Taking Drake's Dick

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Description: Brad Steele is really a pretty quiet guy, however we’ll observe silent he could be Drake Tyler gets a grip of him! Drake pulls Brad to get a kiss, catching his mouth as they peel off their clothes and get naked, with Drake putting on his knees show Brad just how good he is using his mouth. Drake deep throats that prick, letting Brad face-fuck him hard as Drake chokes and gags on that meat. Brad gets his knees to offer Drake some oral, sucking that dick as Drake grows harder between his lips until Drake is prepared to claim Brad’s tight buttocks! Doggystyle on the bed, Brad arches his back also lets Drake enter him behind, his bum stretching around Drake’s thick member because he sinks balls deep into Brad’s gap. Brad moans gently as Drake fucks him his dick sliding in and out of this puckered hole as they switch positions so that Brad could ride that prick adjacent. Drake grips Brad’s lean thighs since he moves himself along Drake’s dick, squeezing his buttocks into Drake’s until they decide to try one last position which creates both guys cum hard, Drake shooting his load right onto Brad’s sore hole before Brad nuts hard, too!
Models: Drake Tyler Brad