Learning to Play Together

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Description: When his step-brother asks him if he wants to join in on a threesome, Scott Finn isn't sure if he's being put on. Surely Tyler Lakes isn't suggesting Scott actually fuck his boyfriend. But Tyler isn't the jealous type, and besides, he knows Cyrus Stark is a hot piece of ass that can't be contained, so he might as well go with it. Scott agrees and decides to join them, and so after their pool party, Scott climbs the stairs to find them in the bedroom already started. Scott watches from the doorway for a few minutes before entering and stripping off his clothes. Once there, he indulges his every fantast as the three of them take turns fucking and sucking each other. Tyler proves he's more than ready to take some family dick as Scott slides inside him from behind. He sucks Cyrus off as Scott gives him the long pole, then they switch up and Scott gets a taste of Cyrus' sweet action. By the time they are done, Tyler and Cyrus are both freshly fucked, covered in jizz, and all the way out of energy, and Scott has himself a new family secret to keep.Enjoy!
Models: Scott Finn