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TitanMen - Boom - Hunter Marx & Adam Thicke

Duration: 41:27 Views: 1 230 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: In their latest renovation project, Hunter Marx is drawn to foreman Adam Thicke’s bulge: “Jesus, does everyone at Big D have a huge dick? ” Adam smiles, grabbing his groin: “It’s a work requirement. ” Adam whips his beauty, yanking his own foreskin because he shows off it. Hunter feasts on it, spitting a wad onto the rotating shaft and whipping Adam’s dick in his hand. He gets his face fucked, then nibbles on the foreskin until his tongue slides in and teases the head. They kiss, Hunter’s huge bulge aching to burst from his jockstrap. Adam deep throats the jock, then munches on his hairy hole and fucks him doggie style. He grabs onto Hunter’s jockstrap because he moves deep, the underside’s red-hot boner bouncing. Getting Hunter on his back, the hairy shirt’s big dick disappears inside him because he strokes the floor when fucking him. He grabs hold of Hunter’s pecs, both soon exploding onto his fur--Hunter licking at a dr! Op of cum off his finger.
Site: Titan Men
Models: Hunter Marx