BulldogPit - Ashton Rush & Brandon Lewis

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Description: College isn't all fun and games. Nor is it an endless stream of beer drinking and hopping into bed with your co-eds. At least, that's not the college life for Ashton Rush as he's a studious little bugger, focused and determined to get good grades. When things get a bit stressful, that's when he lets loose and hooks up with a hot guy for some much needed release. In this scene with Brandon Lewis, Ashton wants cock! He tells Brandon to have his way with him, to go deep. Brandon, ever the gentleman, is not about to deny Ashton what he most wants, needs and craves. With some of the deepest drilling we've seen, Brandon fucks Ashton until he can't hold back any longer, spilling his seed all over Ashton's stomach before Ashton lets loose with a load of his own, pooling his jizz with Brandon's cum.
Models: Brandon Lewis